Quinnie - Sem Break Assignment . Spot News - His Kick on Her

Life and death: Vivian was running, fighting with the guy in white for the ball.

Raymond comes: From Vivian's opposite, Raymond comes for the ball and accidentally kicked her, simply a hard one.

Everyone comes: She was on ground then, one hand covered her painfulness on her face and the other hand comforting her injured right feet.

A moment of silent: The other players came, trying to help her, but was helpless at the end. Vivian did not reply any of their questions and comfort, lefting everyone stunt by the incident, including Raymond.

Tears started rolling down: The pain was killing her.

Vivian's sobbing: The players all came to her and comforting her. She couldn't stand the pain anymore, started sobbing in.

Helpless standing: Raymond was blame for Vivian's injury. He could not do anything but just standing behind her, hoping she will be alright; leaving him an embarrassing look.

The concerning crowd: They were trying to help out and were comforting Vivian, all surrounded her in a circle.

Laughing of tease: At the other side, the laughing crowd was having fun with Raymond's embarrassment of the day.

The helpless one: Celia's mind was blank troughout the incident, squatting at a corner, stunned to speak.

Smile at last: At the end of the day, Vivian managed to overcome the pain and injury. "I'm okay," she said to the camera.

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