Melaka Potrait: The Hat Hawker

(Lee Chin Corner)

"A happy face of the hawker"

Story back to the day we visited Melaka for photo shooting assignment. We walk along the street and look for some souvenir that we could bring back to Kuala Lumpur. As we walk, we saw this hat hawker selling handmade hat and we are quite interested in it.

After a long talk, the hawker seems happy and decided to give us all a big discount on the hat we planned to bought. Without a long consideration, we bought those hat and continue with our talk.

This hawker seems so happy to have conversation with us. We talk and we smiles. I feel that he didn't smile for a quite long time because he can hardly smile at us; seems feeling ashame.

We are so happy to chat with him. We give him a big big smile before we talk away

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