Happy study trip in Melacca

Photo By Sheriene Cheng

Enjoying: Tricycle is the most attraction vehicle for the tourist.Two Foreigner enjoy and relaxing themselves sat on the tricycle.

Hot and Happy: The weather is hot but the student so enjoy in their trip.Student do not lost the chance to visit Melacca with their precious time

Hobby and Lifestyle: Old man everyday play chess under tree. Mr Tan keep thinking which chessman have to go.

Don't Give Up: Everything you can do it as long as you have confident.Handicap Ms Siew keep cheer up herself doing her business.

Lifestyle: Every person sure will buy some thing as their souvenir. Mr Fikri making the souvenir to the tourist even the weather is hot.

Culture: The first thing you in travel you must know their culture and history. All the Japan tourist listening to Mr Sato talk about St Paul Hill history

This is my third times went to Melacca. Melacca is a famous historical place in Malaysia. The last time I went to Melacca is 8 years ago. Even I went there for three times but every time the feeling is different. Last time I went to Melacca with family but this time is not. This time I went there with my whole classmates and lecturer because this is study trip. This trip has twelve students and two lecturers. We went there by car. My two lecturers became our driver. All of us gather at College and then we went to Desa to have our breakfast. We were late to take off because that day was raining. Some of my classmates came late.

We reach Melacca at 11.30am. The first thing we do step out from the car was taken out our lovely camera and start shooting. On the way we walked to St. Paul Hill I really saw the differences between the last 8 years and now. The road of Melacca used to have a lot pothole but now the road is very smooth. That day we went there not crowded so we can walk freely. I love the baba house and Jonker Street because it’s still very nice even all the building were old. Melacca is a historical place so it attracts a lot people who interest in history. The people from Melacca are friendly, patient, caring, and playful. I hope all this kind of attitude can bring it to next generation.

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