Quinnie - Malacca Assignment - The Folks in Malacca

Enough food for every old ones: Madam Chan was one of the member of the Chinese Representative of the Malacca Food Festival during March of 2009. She was having a bowl Chicken rice and hoping that every folks would have sufficiency of food to survive a healthy life.

Quinnie - Malacca Assignment - Malacca In Our Eyes

Children's old-time favourite toy : The bird flute is a popular toy in Malacca. It is mostly handmade by the natives. It has attracted many young children watching the live demonstration of the bird flute by Uncle John at the St.Paul Hill.

Uncle John: His parents were Portugueseses, and he was born in Malaysia. He has been living in Malacca for more than fifty years. He says, "Malaca is a bel place."

Wonderful Souveniers: Uncle John has been selling the souveniers like keychains of Malacca symbols, famous Bird Flute around the travelling area of Malacca for more than twenty years.

It's Cheap: The souveniers are cheap and almost affordable to primary children who came to visit Malacca.

Quinnie - Zoo Negara Assignment - The Mak Cik

Mak Cik Ira form Filipine: she has been sweeping the floor of our National Zoo for seven months since last August.
Behind the MaryBrown: this is the place she definately will be duty for everyday. Sometimes, she has a short rest at this place too, she said.

Their heights: Mak Cik Ira is petite and curvy. The lidi broom is even taller than her.

Under the hot sun: Mak Cik Ira wears long sleeves provided by the Zoo to work. The hat is provided by herself and she brings it along with her everyday. Mak Cik Ira learns to delight her day by putting herself prettier as she could, and so she has gold earings this morning to brighten up her day.

It is more than enough: "whether I like it or I don't, I still need to survive," said Mak Cik Ira. At the end of our conversation, she has chosen to live happily from sadness. To her, homesick is obvious but she has learnt to be contented in every aspect of her life.

Happy study trip in Melacca

Photo By Sheriene Cheng

Enjoying: Tricycle is the most attraction vehicle for the tourist.Two Foreigner enjoy and relaxing themselves sat on the tricycle.

Hot and Happy: The weather is hot but the student so enjoy in their trip.Student do not lost the chance to visit Melacca with their precious time

Hobby and Lifestyle: Old man everyday play chess under tree. Mr Tan keep thinking which chessman have to go.

Don't Give Up: Everything you can do it as long as you have confident.Handicap Ms Siew keep cheer up herself doing her business.

Lifestyle: Every person sure will buy some thing as their souvenir. Mr Fikri making the souvenir to the tourist even the weather is hot.

Culture: The first thing you in travel you must know their culture and history. All the Japan tourist listening to Mr Sato talk about St Paul Hill history

This is my third times went to Melacca. Melacca is a famous historical place in Malaysia. The last time I went to Melacca is 8 years ago. Even I went there for three times but every time the feeling is different. Last time I went to Melacca with family but this time is not. This time I went there with my whole classmates and lecturer because this is study trip. This trip has twelve students and two lecturers. We went there by car. My two lecturers became our driver. All of us gather at College and then we went to Desa to have our breakfast. We were late to take off because that day was raining. Some of my classmates came late.

We reach Melacca at 11.30am. The first thing we do step out from the car was taken out our lovely camera and start shooting. On the way we walked to St. Paul Hill I really saw the differences between the last 8 years and now. The road of Melacca used to have a lot pothole but now the road is very smooth. That day we went there not crowded so we can walk freely. I love the baba house and Jonker Street because it’s still very nice even all the building were old. Melacca is a historical place so it attracts a lot people who interest in history. The people from Melacca are friendly, patient, caring, and playful. I hope all this kind of attitude can bring it to next generation.

Picture Story: Melaka

(Lee Chin Corner)

Cut and Slice: The chicken rice hawker preparing his chicken for the customer

Observation Walks: This security guard keep staring at me when I take photo of him

What a busy day: Another food stall hawker preparing foods for her customers

He is funny: The uncle beside Timothy smiles happily when he saw him posing

Don't Disturb: Tricycle (Beca) driver fallen asleep during afternoon break

I Craft Your Name: This is a handcraft artist who sells personalized keychains and bracelet

The Hardworking: The worker is cleaning the tomb

Mid Sun Harmonica: This harmonica player plays his song well to earn money from foreigner

Melaka is one of few historical states of Malaysia. Government of Melaka protects their historical buildings very well. All the buildings and culture are back into Portuguese era when they conquered Melaka decades ago. Although those buildings and other footages are collapse in some part but it just too nice for us who never saw before.

This is the very first time I visit Melaka. As you know, I'm a curious girl who likes travel. I'm so happy on that day. The rainy day during our way keeps me worrying about our visit to Melaka. I afraid that the rainy day would ruined it. Luckily, it is a big big sunny day when we arrive. The first place we visit is St. Paul Hill. There are a lots of historical footage of Portuguese. By climbing up onto the hill, I saw a nice scenery of Melaka. There are a lot of old style building, sea and a big big battle ship at the port. It just a magical place for me. I never believe that I could be so near to these historical objects. It just mystic.

Then we visited Jonker Street. It is shopping time! We go through a lots of little stall at road side. We visited the Baba House. Baba and Nyonya is a very special native in Melaka. They looks like Chinese but actually they speaks Malay. Their native culture seems very similar to Portuguese. We believe that this religion passed down during the conquer time of Portuguese.

Anyway, Melaka is a very nice place for everyone to visit. You will find a lots of REAL footages from decades ago. This place is just too great.

Melaka Potrait: The Hat Hawker

(Lee Chin Corner)

"A happy face of the hawker"

Story back to the day we visited Melaka for photo shooting assignment. We walk along the street and look for some souvenir that we could bring back to Kuala Lumpur. As we walk, we saw this hat hawker selling handmade hat and we are quite interested in it.

After a long talk, the hawker seems happy and decided to give us all a big discount on the hat we planned to bought. Without a long consideration, we bought those hat and continue with our talk.

This hawker seems so happy to have conversation with us. We talk and we smiles. I feel that he didn't smile for a quite long time because he can hardly smile at us; seems feeling ashame.

We are so happy to chat with him. We give him a big big smile before we talk away

The Situation In PC Fair

Photo By Sheriene Cheng Yen Mae

The economies nowadays are bad but still have a lot visitor.

A new idea for the visitor to buy more things.

The redemption counter queue is long but the visitors keep waiting for their turn.

Sit down to charge energy and continue shop.

Visitor will not lose the chance to ask more information about the laptop.

Not even the price attract visitor and the two show girls too.

The old lady take a rest even the floor is not clean.

I have chosen a topic for my picture story that is Pikom PC Fair. Pikom PC Fair held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on 12 April 2009. This PC fair have 197 computer shop gather together and selling computer accessories with reasonable price. I went there by LRT. I reached there at 2pm. In the Suria KLCC I saw a lot people carried a paper bag which sponsor by P1 WiMax Broadband Company.

I can hear a lot of noise from the convention hall. Through the noise I start to tell myself to have a preparation for crowded and sweat. When I step into the hall I saw a lot visitor were finding their wants and needs to fulfill their purpose to visit PC Fair. In the hall I saw a lot banner hang on the wall and poster. Other than that also have some sales girl and sales boy standing aside giving brochure to the visitor.

In the PC Fair I have bought a transparent laptop sticker. I am so satisfied with this price because its cost Rm 10. I am so happy because I met my secondary schoolmates. He told me a lot thing. He called me try to not buy electrical things in the PC Fair because most of the products have problem and outdated.

After 40 minutes I finish shooting then I went to Chili’s Restaurant met my mother to have lunch.