Quinnie - Zoo Negara Assignment - The Mak Cik

Mak Cik Ira form Filipine: she has been sweeping the floor of our National Zoo for seven months since last August.
Behind the MaryBrown: this is the place she definately will be duty for everyday. Sometimes, she has a short rest at this place too, she said.

Their heights: Mak Cik Ira is petite and curvy. The lidi broom is even taller than her.

Under the hot sun: Mak Cik Ira wears long sleeves provided by the Zoo to work. The hat is provided by herself and she brings it along with her everyday. Mak Cik Ira learns to delight her day by putting herself prettier as she could, and so she has gold earings this morning to brighten up her day.

It is more than enough: "whether I like it or I don't, I still need to survive," said Mak Cik Ira. At the end of our conversation, she has chosen to live happily from sadness. To her, homesick is obvious but she has learnt to be contented in every aspect of her life.

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