Picture Story: Melaka

(Lee Chin Corner)

Cut and Slice: The chicken rice hawker preparing his chicken for the customer

Observation Walks: This security guard keep staring at me when I take photo of him

What a busy day: Another food stall hawker preparing foods for her customers

He is funny: The uncle beside Timothy smiles happily when he saw him posing

Don't Disturb: Tricycle (Beca) driver fallen asleep during afternoon break

I Craft Your Name: This is a handcraft artist who sells personalized keychains and bracelet

The Hardworking: The worker is cleaning the tomb

Mid Sun Harmonica: This harmonica player plays his song well to earn money from foreigner

Melaka is one of few historical states of Malaysia. Government of Melaka protects their historical buildings very well. All the buildings and culture are back into Portuguese era when they conquered Melaka decades ago. Although those buildings and other footages are collapse in some part but it just too nice for us who never saw before.

This is the very first time I visit Melaka. As you know, I'm a curious girl who likes travel. I'm so happy on that day. The rainy day during our way keeps me worrying about our visit to Melaka. I afraid that the rainy day would ruined it. Luckily, it is a big big sunny day when we arrive. The first place we visit is St. Paul Hill. There are a lots of historical footage of Portuguese. By climbing up onto the hill, I saw a nice scenery of Melaka. There are a lot of old style building, sea and a big big battle ship at the port. It just a magical place for me. I never believe that I could be so near to these historical objects. It just mystic.

Then we visited Jonker Street. It is shopping time! We go through a lots of little stall at road side. We visited the Baba House. Baba and Nyonya is a very special native in Melaka. They looks like Chinese but actually they speaks Malay. Their native culture seems very similar to Portuguese. We believe that this religion passed down during the conquer time of Portuguese.

Anyway, Melaka is a very nice place for everyone to visit. You will find a lots of REAL footages from decades ago. This place is just too great.

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