The Situation In PC Fair

Photo By Sheriene Cheng Yen Mae

The economies nowadays are bad but still have a lot visitor.

A new idea for the visitor to buy more things.

The redemption counter queue is long but the visitors keep waiting for their turn.

Sit down to charge energy and continue shop.

Visitor will not lose the chance to ask more information about the laptop.

Not even the price attract visitor and the two show girls too.

The old lady take a rest even the floor is not clean.

I have chosen a topic for my picture story that is Pikom PC Fair. Pikom PC Fair held in Kuala Lumpur Convention Center on 12 April 2009. This PC fair have 197 computer shop gather together and selling computer accessories with reasonable price. I went there by LRT. I reached there at 2pm. In the Suria KLCC I saw a lot people carried a paper bag which sponsor by P1 WiMax Broadband Company.

I can hear a lot of noise from the convention hall. Through the noise I start to tell myself to have a preparation for crowded and sweat. When I step into the hall I saw a lot visitor were finding their wants and needs to fulfill their purpose to visit PC Fair. In the hall I saw a lot banner hang on the wall and poster. Other than that also have some sales girl and sales boy standing aside giving brochure to the visitor.

In the PC Fair I have bought a transparent laptop sticker. I am so satisfied with this price because its cost Rm 10. I am so happy because I met my secondary schoolmates. He told me a lot thing. He called me try to not buy electrical things in the PC Fair because most of the products have problem and outdated.

After 40 minutes I finish shooting then I went to Chili’s Restaurant met my mother to have lunch.

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