Picture Story: Cafe Blackout

Past Saturday, I visited a cafe in Genting Klang for a dinner. During my dinner, the place suddenly blackout but everyone seems don't bother about it. There are around 30 customers in the cafe and some are celebrating birthday.

There are unplugged performance that night. Surprisingly, the performer sings brithday song for those who celebrating even it is total blackout. No microphone, no speaker, they just sing loudly. it just like the blackout is planned for those who celebrating that day.

Although there are some customer leaving, some prefer to sit and enjoy the situation. Some girls playing with phones while other just simply sit and drink.

There is a girl who is a regular customer of this cafe stays and taking photo with mobile phone. While for me, I'm busying taking photos from all angle that I can. I shoot a lot of photos of that girl who kind of shy but wanna take photos.

This is my very first experience of blackout during dinner.

Total Blackout at Main Entrance

Girl who shy but wanna take photos

Girl showing photo taken from mobile phone during blackout

Girls tries to shoot photos from mobile phone during blackout

My god! This girl has noticed that I'm shooting her

What a really shy girl

Total blackout from inside the cafe

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