The Types of Photo

The types of the two pictures above is spot news.

The types of the two pictures above is sport assignments.

The types of the two pictures above is picture story.

The types of the two pictures above is illustration photo.

The types of the two pictures above is human interest.

The types of the two pictures above is general.

The types of the two pictures above is environmental portrait.

Group Assignment: Random Reflection

This time, we do another 'sneaking attack' again. This time not on people but on cars. The location we chose this time is at the car park around Wangsa Link area. All the other groups shoot different subject, at this rate, we are the most creative because we don't shoot people, we don't shoot people, we don't sneak on people this time but, WE TAKE CARS... anyway some innocent people has been shot in the photos but please, please ignore them ... their totally off subject; or being called as 'ke le fe' in chinese.

DBKL, Dewan Bandaraya Kuala Lumpur has decided to build parking meter to collect parking fees at this area. All of us agree that DBKL sure have a big earn here. There's many car around here and lots of them park illegally and they might earn summons a lot from here. Later we'll show you some photos about that.

After discussion, we decided to combine our photos and idea to submit as an assignment. Anyway, we do believe idea sharing is always better than anything.

Let's see our photos
*Ke Le Fe means temporary actor in sort of unofficial jargon I think... Normally we use it on people who we wish to ignore... Sorry ^.^

Crowded. Someone's having 'Double-Parking' there.

Well, you can see clearly how the little place like Wangsa Link will have such crowded car parking. Why? Mainly is because this is a office area and there is a college here. Those cars are quite brave because if you been there, you will know there is a police station located at bottom left of the photo. They might get summons anytime.

What a bad luck

During the photo shooting session, we noticed this car has been rounded for at least 20 minutes to look for parking lots. He seems to be no luck or perhaps to say, bad luck after his car broke down in front of our college. This guy probably going to his office around that area.

Finally a parking lot for him.

Finally he managed to find a parking lot for his broken car. It just a little bit too late and he having problem with over heating.

The result of double parking ended this way

Normally people might choose to have a double parking when they rush in time and normally it won't buy too much time there. But this guy seems parked too long until the car who parked inside have to come out in a very hard way while others can't park in that place.

Obviously, this is not for metal. It's for HUMAN!

Obviously, this guy is not park in the parking lot. Not double parking too. He is parking on a walking path. Not only that Proton car. As you can see the Rexton doing the same good job too. What a world...

A Photo of Disobeyer

What can you see in this photo? Let me tell you piece by piece. First and obvious you can see a driver doing a double parking and waiting for someone. Then, do you notice that there is a parking lot beside the car? Actually it is blocked by the restaurant to reserve the place for their customer 'illegally'. Third, that motorcycle is obviously park in the wrong place. Summary is they don't even care there's police nearby.

Serious Double Parking

Nothing more to say, everything is in the photo. It is a super-duper serious problem of double parking when everyone seems so rushing.

What to do? This truck is completely blocked the whole way

When a place is built without a proper loading area, this is the consequences that surely occur. This truck just stop right in the middle of a single way road and loading their stuff. What to do with the car behind? Just wait and see.

Brother, safety first

What I need to say with this little fella who wear a cloth hat and went up high in the sky and there is no safety features around the construction site. What is this going to do with cars? Just a simple word; Will you dare to park there since there is a lot of parking space around? A single brick fall will teach you a good lesson then.

Quinnie - New Year Assignment - New Year in Town

Malaysia's cleanness and lightness: The used-to-be heavy traffic at the Bangsar highway was light during the Chinese New Year season. It was quiet and peaceful with no vehicles and hornings. Can you imagine how clean are Malaysia's roads , can't you?

The East combined the West: It is a werstern restaurant surrounded by Chinese New Year atmoshpere. How special it is to see TangLong in those authentic western places like these? Believe it or not, people is getting more global nowadays.

Adidas besides New Year sale: Which one attracts you the most? But as far as we concerned, it was a breeze standing outside the empty shop. Sale or Sell? Attracting or disattracting?


Chinese New Year 2009

A lot people use the red ribbon tide on the tree to hope their dream comes true

A big cow model show in Jenjarum Garden its sponsor by Dutch Lady

Two kids wearing a cow's horn hairband

A lot people praying at outside the temple

Family having their Lou Sang moment

KLCC Photos

Photo by Lee Chin, Ben Class Assignment 1

This is KLCC. Located in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. This is my first time taking photo at KLCC with my classmates and my photojournalism lecturer. Although my photo shooting technique is still a beginner. But I've tried my best to choose some nicest photos for you all. I'm still remember that day is a very hot day. Mighty sun show no mercy to us. But I'm happy to because how sun always give natural exposure. This is also the reason why I have a nice view of KLCC here.

KLCC and Suria, Sun Shine Above

Fountain, Chinese Believe Water Bring Fortune

Reflection, I just love to shoot this way

Another view of KLCC, A little greenie added

Do you believe water can dance too?

Photos From Chinese New Year

Hello again!!!

Here is my post of those photos I took during my Chinese New Year break. This is 'cow' year for Chinese religion. Well some may ask why is that cow? Actually is just like western horoscope. But Chinese is counted by years. Means that every year is different sign instead of month counting like horoscope.

Okay, I will introduce you all to these photos that I've taken on the trip when I visited several places in Malaysia.

Big Big Lantern Decoration

This photo has been taken at 'Tian Hou Gong' in Kuala Lumpur. Its a 3 storey high craftwork of 12 sign of Chinese. You can see the top of it is the cow which represent this is the year of cow. While other animals if drawn at the picture around the pillar.

My Red Packet

This is another photo I captured. 'Ang Pow' or direct translated 'Red Pocket' which contains money will be given out by married couple to the children. There will be money placed inside and the amount is not nessecery to be very big ... of course the bigger the happier from children hehe...

Plum Flower Decoration

Plum Flower is represented Spring in Chinese. The begin of Spring means it is the begin of new year. Chinese might prefer Plum Flower as their decoration during Chinese New Year. For me, it is quite beautiful. But most of them are artificial flower...

Some sour stuff

This is chinese lime. Normally, it is super-duper sour and no one going to eat it... What to do with this little plant? Decoration. The meaning of this lime is luck. They believe to bring luck to the whole new year by placing it during the Chinese New Year. Normally these lime plant will sell quite expensive during peak season.

Amitabha, God Bless You

This is another photo taken at a chinese temple. People queue up to get blessed from these monks to change their luck and fate for the whole new year. Whether it is real or not... No one can tells but at least people believe it.

What Should I Do For This Whole New Year?

This is a photo of a mother reading the 'oracle' note when she get from the temple. This should tell her in particular for what to do and not to do. Hope this note will help her so much because She seems to have a good family there.

Famous Decoration of Chinese

This is the last photo which I like the most. The shoot of lantern decoration which they decorate during the Chinese New Year in 'Tian Hou Gong'. If you plan to visit there during the great season, I bet you will find out how extremely they hanged the lantern... Even on some place that we can't figure out how they going to hang there.


After done shooting photos at car park, we go back to college gallery to meet each other. Since we have extra time, we take some photo at gallery for fun..haha!!! Actually we want to put some photo on our

Quinnie, what are you doing?

we are sheleequin......hihi!!!!

3 Little Girls... Hehehe

Opps ... Quinnie has a nice look there hahahahaha