Random Reflection: A Guy From Penang

It was rainy day at the moment I reach the temple. Without any consideration, I went straight to the lower ground where there are a lot of shops such as food stall, souvenir stall, feng shui stall and so on. I start looking for my subject.

This is a boy name Jackie Chan. He's not from Hong Kong but rather our lovely motherland Malaysia. This is his first time visit to Kuala Lumpur and this is the first time he visit this temple located at a hill around MidValley. He is so cute and this makes me want to shoot more photos on him; of course, permission asked.

What is this?

This is where I found him at the first glance. It is in the afternoon. He is looking at a kind of chinese snack at a stall located in lower floor of the temple. He is so wonder what and how does it taste. He think and think for about 2 minutes before he bought it. The reason for this picture has been taken is because he looks so innnocent when staring at the snack. I wonder what people will think when he never seen anything like that.

Hope my wish will come true

After the small snack that he bought at lower ground, he went up straight to the second floor of the temple and start praying. I'm so curious that a youngster like him will pray so heartly. Perhaps I should ask myself why I don't. The reason I take this photo is because I wish to tell the world that there are still some youngster who loyal to religion.

Saint Water? Will he going to drink it?

After he go praying, he being pointed by some guys to this so called 'Saint Water'. Anyway, he has to knee down in order to have water flowing out of the vase. I don't know whether he drank it or not but for sure is the water is came from the mini pond and it just rained out there...
That's all photo from Jackie before his family ask him for lunch.

The main reason I choose these photos is because I really think that religion things will never goes fade no matter what it is. Some might says that only 'old junks' who pray for god but Jackie give them a punch out by showing his loyalty.

I didn't have a chance to interview him since he came for praying. So I just asked him some question like what is his name, where his hometown, why he come, when he will be coming again and what is his feeling about this temple. He is too shy to answer all the questions and he just says that he is quite surprise that Kuala Lumpur will have a big temple compared to Penang. Also, he mentioned that he planned to move to Kuala Lumpur to further his study.

Finally, we become friends and exchanged mobile number so that I can become his tour guide on his next visit.

..... He is quite handsome actually...... hahaha

These photo has been captured on 2nd February 2009 at 'Tian Hou Gong', Kuala Lumpur by Tang Lee Chin.

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