Assignment 2: Good and Bad Photojournalism Analysis

Good and Bad Photojournalism Analysis
This is actually a simple being-punched photo which being the headline of Sin Chew Daily on 12th January 2009. Of course, there are pros and cons about this photo. I would like to highlight the pro of ethical first. This photo is completely showing the results of the victim and it is very clear that he is injured. By posting this photo, some readers might feel pity for him. Obviously, he is too old to be punched. All is about education and because of it is about education, we talk about how well a student is educated in all perspectives. This shows there is some problem with the manners of the student in the way he treats the one who provide education services for him. For me, I would say that is too good for the attacker being put in the jail. He deserved it. As a result, I can simply feel pity for an old man like him to get attack during a ceremony.

There are always good and bad, pros and cons. This photo has actually affected the victim a lot. First of all, he is a celebrity; well, in his university perhaps. No matter he is an all-people-hate person or what so ever, this photo shouldn’t be post. Why? Although many might feel pity for him, there will be a lot of people might be celebrating and keep shouting “He deserves it”; especially his students. After this photo has been posted, how can he still in charge of the university? Would it be another punch on his next ceremony? No one would know but this is actually affecting him for his whole life of career. Also, after this photo has been published, many relatives will start to ask “What kind of student you are teaching until they could punch you right into your face on your big day?” So, this photo is actually not suitable for headline. One more thing for sure, this photo will affect his career and I think he won’t dare to fail a student or punish a student carelessly.

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