Quinnie - Assignment One - Ikea Man

What do we often see in Ikea rather than just beautiful furnitures and beathtakinn impressive designs of innovations? Human beings! Shopaholics, design admirers, colour freaks, housewives who plan to decorate the houses, kids who play like heaven and hell in the playroom, Ikea supervisors and helpers, bossess who come to choose stuff for their shop, and so many more, or even people who are simply looking for food(for example ice-cream, curry puff, meals, etc.) in the Ikea restaurant not the products instead.

There is this man who so in love with Ikea, spotted on the spot in the midst of his Ikea-trolley-day. By using all his attention and observations, he tried his best to detail every single part of the products before he put them into his trolley. Nothing broken or imperfect would be selected. From far watching him walked from east to west, from west to south, from south to north, just to get the same thing; and then choose and choose and choose, and finally then he decided he wants this! It is really amazing to see a man being like this, somehow his seriousness and passion towards Ikea affected me. Indeed, I believe he does that too for other things besides Ikea. I want to praise him for his focusness while making each of every single little attentions observations testings on the products before purchasing them. Along the way, he was not disturbed by any noises around him, neither anyone walked passed him, nor delicious smell(food from the Ikea restuarant.)It showed that he is a serious person. Thats what impressed me so well.

I believe when a man is serious towards something, doubtlessly the person is a thanksgiving person, someone who knows how to treasure the beauty around. The more serious and focus we are, the more fantastically miracaly unique we will find it is. Thats why we learn to appreciate it. I believe he does, because the way he looked at all the products of art in Ikea, you will simply feel it and know it without telling.
He inspired me. Yes, he does. I hope he does that in your life too, the Ikea Man who so loves perfectly-made arts by the imprefects.

Get Spotted: He was looking for decorations at the Ikea Lightning Department.

Detailed oriented: He was looking at those products concentrately; picked the material, make decisions, chose the products - all carefully.

A thing at a time: He had stayed at the lightning department for about 15 minutes, looking for the same thing over again.

Seriousness that caught people's eyes: He turned to the drawers department, checking on the drawers.

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