Location: Wangsa Link (Outside Police Station)

Date: 4th Febuary 2009

Written by: Sheriene Cheng Yen Mae

Liew talking on the phone

Liew after talked on the phone and keep looking at her phone

Liew standing at there alone and sending sms

I just like a vagrant sit beside the police station stairs waiting for a stranger. Suddenly I heard some footstep walking down the stairs and I know my target is coming. Then I rush to keep myself in a corner. After that I realize the footstep was come from a girl. Then she walked to the water pipe and stand at there. She stand at there seems like to waiting for someone and keep look on her handphone. After 30 minutes later she received a call and I heard she said: “Ok. You have reach Jusco there right? I’m waiting you at same place.” Until here I know I have to stop capture her photo because its will not enough time to interview her.

After I have completed the photography section then I went toward her and do a short interview with her. She felt so glad when she knows I want to interview her because she likes interview by people. After the interview then I shows her the photo that I have captured her while she standing at there. Then I told her, I captured her photo is want to complete my photojournalism assignment. She so satisfy with the picture that I captured because she in the photo looks thin.

The girl name is Liew Li Ping. She is 21 years old. She lives in Jinjang. Her hobbies are drawing and send short message with friend. She is a friendly and helpful person.

I have a lot feeling when I taking all photo because this is my first time to shoot a stranger’s photos without her notice. The first feeling is scare because I scare the stranger saw me then scold and beat me. The second feeling is worry because I scare the photo I take is not good and also scare the camera shutter sound so loud. The third feeling is being patient because that day is hot but I still hiding beside the car looking at her every action. The experience that I gain in this assignment is our action must be very fast. If our action is slow so the stranger will discover us taking their photo.At last i enjoy the whole process.

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